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1969 -1971

In 1969 Herman Makkink produced the prototype of the Rocking Machine and Christ Unltd. The Rocking Machine was in an edition of six and the pairs of Christ Unltd. were in an edition of four.


When Stanley Kubrick visited St Katharine’s Docks studios looking for artwork for his forthcoming film ‘A Clockwork Orange’ he selected the Rocking Machine and Christs Unltd. along with paintings by Herman’s brother, artist Cornelis (Kees) Makkink.


The success and the scandal surrounding the film, meant that Herman's two sculptures quickly gained iconic status. Coincidentally, the film director Tinto Brass used the same work by the two Makkink brothers in the less well-known film, The Dropout (1970) starring Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero.

1971 - 2002

Herman Makkink set up his studio in Amsterdam in 1971, bringing the Rocking Machine mold and one edition. In 2002, a new edition of six was made. The estate has a few left for exhibition purposes.

Still from the film "Drop Out"
Stanley Kubrick on the set of "A Clockwork Orange"
Still from the film "Drop Out"

2005 - 2017

Herman Makkink drew up a contract in 2005 with the Japanese company MedicomToy (who have produced work by Banksy, Warhol, Keith Haring, Kaws etc.) and under his supervision they produced various editions of the Rocking Machine and Christ Unltd., which were sold online in Japan.

They also produced two editions of both works in black.


In 2013 Herman passed away in Suffolk, UK and the Herman Makkink Estate was founded by daughter Fiona Makkink in 2016. The contract with MedicomToy was discontinued by the Herman Makkink Estate in 2017 and the estate started to develop an edition of the Rocking Machine locally.


Rocking Machine, 2021


A limited edition of the Rocking Machine has been handmade locally from the original mold that resides in Makkink's studio in Amsterdam.


It has been produced under the supervision of Herman Makkink's studio assistant with whom he worked on the Rocking Machine 2002 edition.

See the PURCHASE section for more information or for inquiries please contact Fiona Makkink at

RM Gold Edition


- Launching November 2021 - 

Auction PopXCulture November 2021

RM Gold Edition at Bonhams London 

Christ Unlimited
The Rocking Machine 
Herman Makkink in his studio 
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